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Fraser Gallop Estate

Katherine Lethlean
28 March 2023 | Katherine Lethlean

Wine and Chocolate

Wine and chocolate are two indulgences that are often enjoyed separately, but have you ever considered pairing them together?


Done right, the combination of wine and chocolate can create a symphony of flavours that tantalises the senses.
To create the perfect pairing, consider the characteristics of both the wine and the chocolate. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect match:

Consider the intensity of the chocolate. Dark chocolate has a higher percentage of cocoa and a more intense flavour, while milk chocolate and white chocolate are sweeter and milder. The intensity of the chocolate should be balanced with the intensity of the wine.

Match the sweetness levels. A general rule of thumb is to match the sweetness of the wine with the sweetness of the chocolate. A sweeter wine will complement a sweeter chocolate, while a drier wine will balance out a darker, more intense chocolate.

Think about the flavours. Certain wines and chocolates have complementary flavour profiles that work well together. For example, a rich, full-bodied red wine pairs well with dark chocolate with hints of cherry or raspberry, while a sweet white wine complements milk chocolate with notes of vanilla. 

We've been having some fun with our guests at cellar door and we've found the most popular wine and chocolate pairings include:

  • Parterre Cabernet Sauvignon with dark chocolate with cherry or raspberry notes
  • Merlot with milk chocolate with hints of vanilla or caramel
  • Our Ice Pressed Chardonnay  with white chocolate with fruity or floral notes

When it comes to wine and chocolate pairings, there's no right or wrong answer. It's all about experimenting and finding the combination that works best for you. So, this Easter, grab a bottle of wine, a box of chocolates, and start exploring the delicious world of wine and chocolate pairings. Cheers to a sweet and savoury adventure!


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